Cool new additions to Logic Pro X v10.4.6 – v10.4.8

Lately it seems like Logic updates have primarily been about bug-fixes, accessibility improvements (eg improved Voice Over functions) and minor function updates. Perhaps Logic Pro v10.5 is on the horizon – who knows.

All the detailed notes are here.

Dynamic Plug-In Loading.

Enabling the “Only load plug-ins needed for project playback” project setting means that only those plugins and instruments currently needed will be activated on loading the project. These latest updates fix a whole bunch of issues that arose from this cool feature – including things like some third-party sample libraries failing to load after tracks being frozen and weirdness from using objects in Logic’s Environment window.


Option-clicking an empty EQ thumbnail on a channel strip now inserts a Channel EQ into the first plug-in insert. Handy!

Stereo width and panning can now be adjusted using the scroll wheel on a mouse. In case you missed this on a previous update – Logic channel strips can now change a stereo balance to a stereo pan knob. If you Command-click on a stereo pan, you can swap left and right sides.

VCAs can now be stored as part of the User Default channel strip configuration. VCAs are awesome and keep an eye out for an upcoming tutorial on how to use them.


Using Option + Shift to create a ramp when dragging automation now works consistently.

Audio Unit v3 plugins can now be automated, and Logic’s automation will handle third-party plugins and instruments much more reliably.


It is now possible to bounce a track in place in a project that has not yet been saved. Although we all save our projects first, eh?

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