Logic Pro X v10.4.3-10.4.4 feature highlights

These two Logic Pro X updates were definitely in the bug-fix category. There were numerous glitches that were fixed. See here for more details.

For those of you who had tried using Logic v10.4.2 with ARA2 and Celemony Melodyne v4.2.1, there were some serious issues that appeared around suddenly losing all your Melodyne edits when opening a project and “saving-as” without hitting Play first.

This mostly appears to be fixed but there’s still some problems that haven’t yet been completely sorted yet. There’s still some oddities with not being able to import tracks with Melodyne ARA plugins, plus not all the issues have been resolved with Track Alternatives and Melodyne ARA.

Actually, I notice there’s still some bus-routing problems with importing Track Stacks from other projects as well.

Apart from bug-fixes, there were no new features apart from a new MIDI port-based input filter in the MIDI Preferences.

MIDI input port filter preference pane – the “IAC Driver From Logic” should be disabled as an input.

Quite handy really, especially if you’re doing some tricky MIDI routing between audio apps or plugins using IAC (Inter-Application Communication) busses and the like. By default, Logic just accepts every MIDI input, so it’s very useful being able to turn off a bus that’s for sending data from Logic so it doesn’t create a MIDI feedback loop. Up until now, it meant some trickery with patching to fake objects in the MIDI Environment.

The MIDI window in Audio MIDI Setup.

Here’s hoping Apple fixes a few more of these niggles next time around.

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